For thousands of years, Sri Lanka has been enticing its travelers with its stunning natural beauty and splendid cultural heritage. Its sunny climate, verdant landscapes and stunning coastline create a beautiful backdrop for the romantic at heart. Sri Lanka's rich and open culture also make it ideal place to spend your holiday among one of the most beautiful settings in the world.

For a small island, Sri Lanka has many nicknames: Serendib, Ceylon, Teardrop of India, Resplendent Isle, Island of Dharma, Pearl of the Orient. This colourful collection reveals its richness and beauty, and the intensity of the affection it evokes in its visitors.
Sri Lanka's first settlers were the nomadic Veddahs. Legend relates them to the Yakkhas, demons conquered by the Sinhalese around the 5th or 6th century BC. A number of Sinhalese kingdoms, including Anuradhapura in the north, took root across the island during the 4th century BC. Buddhism was introduced by Mahinda, son of the Indian Mauryan emperor Ashoka, in the 3rd century BC, and it quickly became the established religion and the focus of a strong nationalism. However, Anuradhapura was not impregnable. Repeated invasions from southern India over the next 1000 years left Sri Lanka in an ongoing state of dynastic power struggle. more info
Sri Lanka's blend of ethnicities has often produced friction and tragedy, but it makes for an interesting culture. Traditional art and architecture is predominantly Buddhist, and the country is dotted with stupas and sculptures of the Serene One. Traditional dance is all about agility and symbolism. Food is often fiery hot, with hoppers (pancakes) to wrap it all up, and the tea is as marvellous as you would expect more info
Colombo, the island's largest city, is noisy, frenetic - and just a little crazy. Thankfully, the breakdowns, snarled traffic and power cuts are received with a shrug and a smile. 'No problem' might be the national motto; it's certainly the one phrase everyone knows and can say. While the city holds less obvious interest than many other parts of the island, it's still a colourful enough place and worth a visit to see what makes Sri Lanka tick.more info
Get to know what Sri Lanka is like from the country's overview: its topography, climate, people, culture, society, and religion. Additionally, this includes all the valued information if you plan to be in Sri Lanka.
There are many activities you can do in Sri Lanka, swimming, diving, snorkeling, hiking, and golfing for instance. Choose your favorite outdoor sports to experience the beautiful sunshine of Sri Lanka as much as you can.